A century of hampered and restrained social conquests

 Chronological timeline on the social conquests achieved at international level by the disability rights movements.

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This chronological timeline is designed for educational purposes, it allows you to show :
– The adoption of binding international legal instruments (enabling the rights of disabled people to be guaranteed at international level) is late in coming (especially from the 1980s onwards). The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities deserves to be inscribed in the long history of struggles for the rights of persons with disabilities.
– the existence of movements for the rights of persons with disabilities differentiated according to the type of impairment or the origin of impairments at the beginning of the 20th century. Each movement initially campaigned for specific benefits for one category (the blind, the war-disabled, etc.). A progressive unification of causes took place from the 1950s onwards under the impetus of the UN and the ILO, but this unification of causes was only partial until the mid-1970s, with some movements managing to obtain recognition of their specific rights in the early 1970s (the rights of the “mentally retarded” in particular). The adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Disabled Persons in 1975 definitively confirmed this unification of causes, and the equalization of rights between all categories of disabled persons.
– This timeline also makes it possible to insist on the fact that international texts (convention or recommendation) regulated the utopias promoted by associative actors, i.e. that these international texts legitimised certain rights and concealed or denied others.
– It also makes it possible to insist on the role of eugenicist and neo-liberal ideas as a potential threat to certain rights.

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